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Book Tag! Tell About Yourself.

Book Tag!!


My Life in Books. I found this on  a list of book tags to do so I thought why not? I won’t actually tag anyone else right now, cause there is no one for me too tag. Enjoy!!


  • Your initials

M –Michal By Jill Eileen Smith. This is a book about King David’s wife and Saul’s daughter I really enjoyed reading it.

J-Just One Day By Gayle Foreman. It has been a while but I enjoyed this book when I read it and hope to reread it again soon.

B-Book Jumper by Mechthild Glaser. I am not finished with it yet but I really like it so far and cannot wait to finish it.

  • Age-count your books till your age.

This was a little hard due to how my books are on the shelf but what I have it Scarlett By Marrisa Meyer, I love this series and it’s take on the fairytales. It was a favorite rendition of mine.

  • City/Country. One that take place in your city or country. There is not one that takes place in my city so I picked state instead. Princesses of Iowa By Molly Backes. This is one that I have DNFed because I could not get into the story. Perhaps I will try again this year.
  • Travel somewhere you want to travel. I picked The Lightning Thief By Rick Riordan. I want to got to Brooklyn/New York area and also camp half blood!!


  • Colour, what is a book that has your favorite colour on the cover. I picked The Crystal Kingdom By Amanda Hocking. I liked this book when I first read it a while ago, and my favorit colour is Blue!
  • Memories, what book has the most memories for you? The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis, my copies are from my mom so they are old and well read.


  • A book you had difficulty getting through. this Till We Have Faces By C.S. Lewis. I had to read this for a class and had such a hard time getting through this one!


8)TBR a book that you will get a  lot out of when you finished it. It’s Not supposed to be this Way by Lysa Terkuerst. I am reading this as my devotional and it is most helpful as I go through it.

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Ruby Red By Kerstin Gier

“Gwyneth Shepherd’s sophisticated, beautiful cousin Charlotte has been prepared her entire life for traveling through time. But unexpectedly, it is Gwyneth, who in the middle of class takes a sudden spin to a different era!

Gwyneth must now unearth the mystery of why her mother would lie about her birth date to ward off suspicion about her ability, brush up on her history, and work with Gideon–the time traveler from a similarly gifted family that passes the gene through its male line, and whose presence becomes, in time, less insufferable and more essential. Together, Gwyneth and Gideon journey through time to discover who, in the 18th century and in contemporary London, they can trust.”


So I found this book on kindle and I read it and the two sequel books in about four days. I really enjoyed the series. The book follows Gwen, a 16 year old girl who finds out she has the time travel gene and not her cousin whom everyone thought had it. The story is told in such a way that the reader can connect with the characters and what is going on with them, while not giving away plot points and details.

It does sometimes get muddled when they travel through time and meet someone that had met them but they have not yet met, but it works well with the story and they way that it is being told so that by the end of the series the questions are answered. The relationships that Gwen had with her siblings and mom are really great to read, she cares about them and it shows. Also her friendship with Lesley, they rely on each other and support one another no question.

This shows when it is mentioned that Gwen can see and talk to ghosts, Lesly doesn’t make little of it or make fun of Gwen, she believes her and even talks to them through Gwen. Gwen’s relation ship with her cousin Charlotte is more strained because Charlotte grew up believing that she was the one with the gift, not Gwen. The same goes for Gideon, who trained with Charlotte to travel.

Over all this book is a wonderful piece of literature that I recommend to anyone who loves history and time travel. It is a really good book series that is developed well and not over play the relationships are realistic and have problems but are also not overly unrealistically dramatic or perfect

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Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller

“There will be plenty of time for me to beat him soundly once I’ve gotten what I came for.

Sent on a mission to retrieve an ancient hidden map—the key to a legendary treasure trove—seventeen-year-old pirate captain Alosa deliberately allows herself to be captured by her enemies, giving her the perfect opportunity to search their ship.

More than a match for the ruthless pirate crew, Alosa has only one thing standing between her and the map: her captor, the unexpectedly clever and unfairly attractive first mate, Riden. But not to worry, for Alosa has a few tricks up her sleeve, and no lone pirate can stop the Daughter of the Pirate King.”


The Daughter of the Pirate King, is a good book. I loved it a lot. Once I began to read I read it for hours the characters of Alosa and Riden pulling me in, wondering what they were going to do next and what was in store for them. the adventure that Alosa goes on for her father. She gets captured, by Riden’s brother, leaving her crew, made up of mostly women, she stays strong on the ship and hold her own against Riden, and his brother Draxen.

The bored tone Alosa often takes when dealing with Riden and the other men on the Night Farer, is funny and entertaining as Alosa is on the ship and the things she gets into batting the men and slowly falling for Riden and keep her secret.

The way the story is told is wonderfull and well done for the way the story is layed out. And better yet there is no love triangle that is often present in YA fiction. The romance that is in this book is minimal. Which I liked a lot, it did not effect the plot and it played wonderfully to the story of what Alosa had to do.

I enjoyed the story of Also and could not wait to pick up the second book, I listened to this one on Audiobook, and the narrater was wonderful, she did a good job with Alosa’s vvoice and portraying her attitude and confidnce. I recamend this book to anyone who is tired of love triangles and likes pirates and sirens and the high seas!!

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Six of Crows

Ketterdam: a bustling hub of international trade where anything can be had for the right price–and no one knows that better than criminal prodigy Kaz Brekker. Kaz is offered a chance at a deadly heist that could make him rich beyond his wildest dreams. But he can’t pull it off alone…

A convict with a thirst for revenge.

A sharpshooter who can’t walk away from a wager.

A runaway with a privileged past.

A spy known as the Wraith.

A Heartrender using her magic to survive the slums.

A thief with a gift for unlikely escapes.

Six dangerous outcasts. One impossible heist. Kaz’s crew is the only thing that might stand between the world and destruction—if they don’t kill each other first.


I Read this book a few weeks ago, I am always a little hesitant to read books that have a lot of hype surrounding them. In the case of this book, it did and did not live up to the hype that surrounded it.  I did really enojoy this book. Six of Crows is a well written complex book that takes many things into account for its story.

one thing i enjoyed about the book is the character of Kaz. Kaz’s character is well written and he sticks to his personality through the whole book. He doesn’t change is tune when things happen, he does what he wants and does not apologize for it.

I like the dynamic between the six characters featured in the book. they all have their own little things and reasons as to why they are the way they are. through the book and the adventure that it takes you on, is a wonderful one.

i am trying to explain the book and yet not giving anything away, and i am finding that really hard to do. trying to put into words why i liked this book is becoming a very difficult thing to do today. i feel like that is okay, sometime it is okay to just not have the right words to describe a book.

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Ash Princess

Ash Princess  By Laura Sebastian


Theodosia was six when her country was invaded and her mother, the Fire Queen, was murdered before her eyes. On that day, the Kaiser took Theodosia’s family, her land, and her name. Theo was crowned Ash Princess–a title of shame to bear in her new life as a prisoner.

For ten years Theo has been a captive in her own palace. She’s endured the relentless abuse and ridicule of the Kaiser and his court. She is powerless, surviving in her new world only by burying the girl she was deep inside.

Then, one night, the Kaiser forces her to do the unthinkable. With blood on her hands and all hope of reclaiming her throne lost, she realizes that surviving is no longer enough. But she does have a weapon: her mind is sharper than any sword. And power isn’t always won on the battlefield.

For ten years, the Ash Princess has seen her land pillaged and her people enslaved. That all ends here.


So I finished Ash Princess in about a day. I loved it so much. The story of Theo was good. the reason why she doesn’t stand up for her people, yet she still has such strong feelings against the King and his people. She hates having to do what she does because she is surviving, something she repeatedly tells her self. She tries to be what they want her to be and still true to herself.

When she decides she is done being a coward and not standing up for her people the turn around in her attitude is not immediate she still doubts herself and if she is able to do it. Can she stand up against this wicked king who killed her mother? Kill the man who killed her mother? Take back her land and her kingdom? All with seemingly little support and few people to stand behind her. Most of which she is doing in secret.

Theo’s journey through coming to terms with her role and embracing it slowly is a wonderful quality to the book, not having the hero immediately accept what they are supposed to do and do it with little to no thought on how it will happen. Seeing her deal with her emotions and bearing the pain that she is put through at being laughed at and ridiculed by the people who stole her kingdom and murdered her people. Yet these people are the people she has known since she was young, for over half her life. The people took her home but raised her, not letting her forget it.

I loved going on this journey with Theo, feeling her emotions as I feel my own. Knowing the hard decisions that she had to make and knowing why  she had to make them and what that will mean for her and her journey through the rest of the series. I cannot wait to read the rest of it and travel with Theo on her journey through getting her kingdom back and freeing her people.

I recommend Ash Princess to anyone with a sense of adventure who is not afraid of bloodshed and death of betrayal and unexpected kindness. Figuring out who you are and who to trust and respect and how to get it and earn it in return, proving to oneself and others that you can be trusted to make the right decision.

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Furyborn Clare Legrand


Follows two fiercely independent young women, centuries apart, who hold the power to save their world…or doom it.

When assassins ambush her best friend, the crown prince, Rielle Dardenne risks everything to save him, exposing her ability to perform all seven kinds of elemental magic. The only people who should possess this extraordinary power are a pair of prophesied queens: a queen of light and salvation and a queen of blood and destruction. To prove she is the Sun Queen, Rielle must endure seven trials to test her magic. If she fails, she will be executed…unless the trials kill her first.

A thousand years later, the legend of Queen Rielle is a mere fairy tale to bounty hunter Eliana Ferracora. When the Undying Empire conquered her kingdom, she embraced violence to keep her family alive. Now, she believes herself untouchable–until her mother vanishes without a trace, along with countless other women in their city. To find her, Eliana joins a rebel captain on a dangerous mission and discovers that the evil at the heart of the empire is more terrible than she ever imagined.

As Rielle and Eliana fight in a cosmic war that spans millennia, their stories intersect, and the shocking connections between them ultimately determine the fate of their world–and of each other.


I liked this book for the most part. It opens with a very intense scene and then goes into the main story beginning with Rielle, and her story, how she has control of all seven elements and is being told by her father and teacher to hide it and control it. She feels restricted and that her father does not love her. That he does not know her. While going on a challenge with her friend, the crown prince she ends up exposing her true power and thus begins her adventure and challenges.

Eliana is a bit different, her story begins a thousand years after Rielle’s. it opens and you see that her personality is different then Rielle’s and that she does not seem to have control over elements, no one does. She is simply doing what she must to keep her family safe and feed. She is able to block out her emotions to do what she feels is necessary.

Through both girls reactions to their situations both thinking what they are doing is right and necessary. You are shown there reactions and decisions through the story and what they do and why. Their thought process as to why. Rielle thinks that she is good, she tries to prove that she is good through doing what she thinks is right, doing what the king tells her to do. Eliana on the other hand does what she must though she does not always agree with it.

The story does have a villain though it does not present itself right away and takes time to figure out why they are the villain, what motivates them. thought this is only the first book in the series, it is a good one. It leaves the reader with questions and a sense of wanting to know what will happen next, what decisions Eliana and Rielle will make, and how that will affect the out come of the series.

At times the story does not tell the reader all you feel you should know, certain parts of the history, why they have the control of the elements and why the prophecy was given. There was also a few parts of the story that were, in my opinion, unnecessary and inappropriate for a YA book. a book meant for teens. These three scenes were not okay to be in the book and the information in them could have been given in another way. I felt like these scenes, one in particular was not realistic either, even for a fictional world where control over the elements is a thing.

Overall I did enjoy the book and am awaiting the sequel impatiently, hoping it does not contain any more scenes like the ones in this first installment. I would recommend this book but with a caution warning about those scenes. The story takes you on an adventure through time and what can feel like two different worlds. It is good and lets you feel as though you are apart of the story

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The Cruel Prince

The Cruel Prince  By Holly Black


Of course I want to be like them. They’re beautiful as blades forged in some divine fire. They will live forever.

And Cardan is even more beautiful than the rest. I hate him more than all the others. I hate him so much that sometimes when I look at him, I can hardly breathe.

Jude was seven when her parents were murdered and she and her two sisters were stolen away to live in the treacherous High Court of Faerie. Ten years later, Jude wants nothing more than to belong there, despite her mortality. But many of the fey despise humans. Especially Prince Cardan, the youngest and wickedest son of the High King.

To win a place at the Court, she must defy him–and face the consequences.

As Jude becomes more deeply embroiled in palace intrigues and deceptions, she discovers her own capacity for trickery and bloodshed. But as betrayal threatens to drown the Courts of Faerie in violence, Jude will need to risk her life in a dangerous alliance to save her sisters, and Faerie itself.


I just finished The Cruel Prince and I loved it. The story itself was well told. Jude, the main character, is fierce and stubborn, she knows what she wants. She thinks she knows how to get it. She thinks she knows what she is doing. She has the struggle of wanting to belong in a world that she simply does not belong to. she and her sisters live with the man who murdered their parents, she fights with herself on loving him and hating him at the same time, him and the rest of the world she lives in, and still at the same time not wanting to leave because it is all she knows.

The story telling is again one that is recently become popular in YA books, that of not having or showing who the villain is until the very end. That is something that this story does well, with Cardan and the others that seem like the obvious villians, even Madoc, Jude’s adopted father who lives for the bloodshed. The way Black crafted the words into the story that is played out in the pages of the book make it a wonderful story to loose oneself in for a day. For that is about how long it took me to read it.

I was pulled into the world of the seelie and unseelie courts and the faeries, a world that I have always loved to see how it was explored in different authors viewpoints. The way it is crafted from the point of view of a human looking in onto the world of the faerie, wanting to be apart of it yet knowing that she may never be. Jude holds her own against those who want to hurt her and her sister. Her strong character does get her into trouble and cause problems but she faces those head on and does her best to make up for them and make things better.

I recommend this book to anyone one who wants to read a fantasy, with very little romance thrown in. An adventure with no real villain, a story about figuring out what you want to do and exploring one’s feelings, that seem to complicated, that are not even wanted. This book pulls n the reader and compels you to finish is as soon as possible, not wanting to set it down till the story of book one has come to and end and the wait for the second begins!

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Legendary (Caraval 2) Stephanie Garber


A heart to protect. A debt to repay. A game to win.

After being swept up in the magical world of Caraval, Donatella Dragna has finally escaped her father and saved her sister Scarlett from a disastrous arranged marriage. The girls should be celebrating, but Tella isn’t yet free. She made a desperate bargain with a mysterious criminal, and what Tella owes him no one has ever been able to deliver: Caraval Master Legend’s true name.

The only chance of uncovering Legend’s identity is to win Caraval, so Tella throws herself into the legendary competition once more—and into the path of the murderous heir to the throne, a doomed love story, and a web of secrets…including her sister’s. Caraval has always demanded bravery, cunning, and sacrifice. But now the game is asking for more. If Tella can’t fulfill her bargain and deliver Legend’s name, she’ll lose everything she cares about—maybe even her life. But if she wins, Legend and Caraval will be destroyed forever.

Welcome, welcome to Caraval…the games have only just begun.

*Spoiler Warning for Caraval. This is the second book so I am going to assume since you are reading this review you have read Caraval (Book 1) there will be Spoilers for book 1.

Legendary takes place right after Caraval, Julian and Scarlet are working things out after he revealed that he was working for Legend and his Brother, Scarlet questioned his love for her and all he had told her during the last Caraval. Julian is trying to prove to Scarlet that he does care for her.

Tella, takes on this second book and having to repay a debt she owes, to a mysterious person. This person helped her find Legend and make the events of the last book play out. She now owes him Legends real name, Tella goes through the game trying to find out legend’s name, as well as finding out what happened to her mother.

Through out the story we follow Tella on her adventure with Dante, who we met in the last book. Tella starts the book not wanting to know Dante, she thinks he is a player and not someone she wants to be with. She has resigned herself not to fall in love.

Her mission is to find her and Scarlet’s mother, who disappeared when they were little. Tella ends up spending the game with the Heir to the Throne, an evil Prince. She claimed to be his fiancée and he in turn wants her to keep pretending to be his fiancée till the end of the caraval, because the people think he murdered his last one.

I like Tella better in this one than Caraval, she is given more depth as a character. The story itself is much more face paced at times and slower at others. The twist in finding out who Legend may be and what happened to their mother. She shows more determination, to do something that she thinks will help her sister. She wants to see her mother again thinking that it will help her and Scarlet since they do not have their father, anymore, due to them faking Tella’s death.


Overall this book is a good follow up to Caraval, both are ful of adventure and mystery, they same style is used for the books but the difference is that Legendary’s Caraval has different rules, instead of remembering that it is all a game you, just play you never know if it is real or not.

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Caraval byStephanie Garber


Remember, it’s only a game…

Scarlett Dragna has never left the tiny island where she and her sister, Tella, live with their powerful, and cruel, father. Now Scarlett’s father has arranged a marriage for her, and Scarlett thinks her dreams of seeing Caraval—the faraway, once-a-year performance where the audience participates in the show—are over.

But this year, Scarlett’s long-dreamt-of invitation finally arrives. With the help of a mysterious sailor, Tella whisks Scarlett away to the show. Only, as soon as they arrive, Tella is kidnapped by Caraval’s mastermind organizer, Legend. It turns out that this season’s Caraval revolves around Tella, and whoever finds her first is the winner.

Scarlett has been told that everything that happens during Caraval is only an elaborate performance. Nevertheless she becomes enmeshed in a game of love, heartbreak, and magic. And whether Caraval is real or not, Scarlett must find Tella before the five nights of the game are over or a dangerous domino effect of consequences will be set off, and her beloved sister will disappear forever.

Welcome, welcome to Caraval…beware of getting swept too far away.


One thing I am finding with new YA fiction is they new way of approaching the ‘villian’ and ‘hero’ of the story, they way that it is not perfectly clear who is the villain and who is the hero. Garber does that with Legend, the master of the Caraval, the one who decideds what the game will be for that year.  Another element of Legend is that it is stated no can be sure of what he looks like, it was said that no one had seen his face. I like this face because it adds another layer of mystery to his character, it makes you guess at each new introduction if that could be Legend.

Scarlet, is the main character in Caraval, it is her who begins the adventure and journeys through caraval, with the help of Julian and her sister Donatella, she is able to see her own strength and her determination to rescue her sister and go back to her father. Through everything that is thrown at her she meets it with hesitation but also a willingness to try it.

Tella was not one that I cared for, she as not as developed in this story and we know little about her except what we are told by Scarlet. She seemed very self-serving and not caring much how her decisions will affect her sister and those around her.

Julian is a character that I absalutly loved. I loved that way he was written, his introduction to the story happens right away it is the perfect way to have him introduced because of what he does in the story. He is that antihero character whose motives are not quite clear in the beginning.

Scarlet, Tella, and Julian make up the main characters that are seen in the story, there is Legend who is mentioned but not seen, as far as Scarlet knows. There is also the girls’ mother who is mentioned to have left them when they were younger.

Overall the plot and story of Caraval is well crafted and told in a way that pulls the reader in and makes them want to finish the story that has started and fells as though they are part of this big adventure mystery that is taking place, being pulled into the world of Caraval and the games that are played during the seven days. They things that happen to Scarlet and Julian seem as though the could be real but one must keep in mind the slogan of that Caraval, “Remember it is only a Game”

I recommend this book to anyone who loves games and mystery of puzzle games. It is not a long book, it can easily be read in a weekend or a day if you so wish  to do so. This book draws you in and doesn’t let you out till you have finished. Well done Miss Garber this is a wonderful read.

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Heartless, Marrissa Meyer

Long before she was the terror of Wonderland—the infamous Queen of Hearts—she was just a girl who wanted to fall in love. Catherine may be one of the most desired girls in Wonderland, and a favorite of the unmarried King of Hearts, but her interests lie elsewhere. A talented baker, all she wants is to open a shop with her best friend. But according to her mother, such a goal is unthinkable for the young woman who could be the next queen. Then Cath meets Jest, the handsome and mysterious court joker. For the first time, she feels the pull of true attraction. At the risk of offending the king and infuriating her parents, she and Jest enter into an intense, secret courtship. Cath is determined to define her own destiny and fall in love on her terms. But in a land thriving with magic, madness, and monsters, fate has other plans. In her first stand-alone teen novel, the New York Times-bestselling author dazzles us with a prequel to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Heatless By Marrissa Meyer is a take on Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol. But it is not about Alice, it takes place before the events with Alice and her adventure. Instead it tells the story of the Red Queen, before she became the Queen we know from the story. This is the story of a simple girl who wants to open a bakery. This is the story of Catherine, Cath.

I Don’t know what it was that first drew me to this book, I had read the other books by Meyer, the Lunar Chronicles, and loved them. I had read another book about Alice in Wonderland and enjoyed it a lot, I loved the cover art on this book, though it was simple. I read this book in one day just over twelve hours it took me to finish this book. I loved Cath character and how she responded to what was happening to her, she wanted a simple life owning a bakery and making people happy, but her parents wanted more for her they wanted her to be queen. Cath had caught the attention of the Red King, the short man whom Cath does not really care for.

The way each character is introduced to the book is another thing I really enjoyed, it wasn’t rushed of over explained, or even quickly explained, they were introduced in a way that made sense to the story and they direction it was going. following Cath as she goes to the dance and interacts with the people there and meets new people and then her story with Jest, and the Raven, the Hatter and Rabbit. Their journey into becoming the characters we know.

With a book like this one though, a sequel to a book that has already been written (and by another author) there is already a cannon ending to her story, one that every one who has read it knows, we know what Cath becomes, we just didn’t know why, with Heartless, we are given a possible reason why she became, the Red Queen that is angry and not loving, who screams “off with Their Head” and anyone that displeases her. I love this book it is well told and yet still holds true to the original tale the Lewis Carrol wrote while being it’s own story.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes wonderland or reimagining of classic tales or just to someone who wants to read a new book. Marrissa Meyer is an author who can relate to the fans of original stories who also want new story but also want something new that is still the original tale at the same time, she is a wonderful author who knows how to write well and stay true to the tale she is writing without making it to far from the original and yet still close to the original story to recognize what it is emulating.